2017 Slicer Western Week/Clinical Teaching Tool

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Key Investigators

Carol Johnson (Baines Imaging Research Laboratory, London Regional Cancer Program)

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • To create a slicelet that will present to the user a series of images with an associated questionnaire.
  • An administrator will be able to dynamically customize the questionnaire to suit the teaching application.
  • User responses to the questionnaire will be captured for analysis.
  • Create a slicelet to load questionnaire from xml file.
  • Display images in a controlled fashion allowing for 'next' and 'back' button options.
  • Capture questionnaire responses in xml format once user presses 'save'.
  • Expand my knowledge of:
    • slicer classes and properties
    • python coding and debugging
    • connections between modules, xml and python code

Background and References

  • From Nicole:
    • Slicer Execution module, automatically generates GUI from XML: Slicer Execution Model
    • CTK workflow widget to support next/back
    • A project that I wrote to review segmentations of a group of subjects, working on Freesurfer data in Slicer 2.6, with capture of user feedback and display options:
      • Multi-site QA (it's very old code, but I can talk you through it if it's useful)