2017 Slicer Western Week/Dataprobe for 3D Viewer

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Key Investigators

  • Jason Kai (Robarts Research Institute)
  • Saeed Bakhshmand (CSTAR)
  • Hossein Rejali (Robarts Research Institute)
  • Brian Wang (KhanLab)
  • Serene Abu-Sardanah (Robarts Research Institute)

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Create a data probe to be used in the 3D viewer to be able to report position and extract information.
  • Use the cursor to determine position in 3D space
  • Report position to user and extract corresponding information at that location
  • Make use of existing Slicer libraries via Python to implement
  • Cursor returns 2 out of 3 positions, switched to the crosshair which can return RAS position
  • RAS position returned via CrosshairNode in upper left corner of the 3D viewer using vtkCornerAnnotation
  • Used RAS position to extract information from background layer in slice views only if volume is available. This is value is returned in upper right corner of the 3D viewer
  • Able to pull information from background layer via Editor library of Slicer (there may be a more direct way of doing this)

Next steps:

  • Extract information directly from vtkPolyData if available
  • Report back values in a widget instead of within viewer

Background and References

Source code: DataProbe3D