2017 Slicer Western Week/Peripheral Angiosome Identification

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Key Investigators

  • Michael Schumaker (Sunnybrook Research Institute)
  • Andrei Mouraviev (University of Toronto)
  • Edward Ntiri (Sunnybrook Research Institute)

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Identify angiosomes (regions of blood supply) in lower legs in MR image sets
  • Create a template angiosome map, based on known anatomy
  • Create a means to register and scale the template to match a new patient MR image set
  • Using VMTK, identify arteries and centrelines, then map the connections between arteries and angiosomes
  • Began developing a scripted module
  • Tested a number of methods for identifying and displaying arteries, and began integrating these into the scripted module
  • Developed a procedure to register a template image set to a patient image set, and began integrating it into the scripted module
  • Started a CorrectFieldBias module to improve artery segmentation

Background and References