2017 Slicer Western Week/hand eye calibration

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Key Investigators

Isabella Morgan (Robarts Research Institute/University of Waterloo)

* Github: imorgan1618
* Email: i2morgan@edu.uwaterloo.ca

Project Description

Objective Approach and Plan Progress and Next Steps
  • Make a Slicer module for point-line hand-eye calibration.
  • Build Slicer
  • Learn how to make a module
  • Write skeleton code
  • Add point-line algorithm for calibration
  • Test calibration


  • Built Slicer
  • Learned how to write a Slicer module
  • Wrote skeleton code for module
  • Started to add point-line algorithm into module

Next steps:

  • Tidy code and finish Slicer module
  • Test calibration in slicer environment

Useful links:

Background and References