SPWW Hangouts Notes

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These are the notes for the first hangout for Slicer Project Week Western (SPWW). The agenda for the day is to provide a general introduction to new people, take any questions, and solicit preliminary project ideas from attendees.


  • Introduction, who am I? Who are we?
  • How did this all come together?
  • What's the point? How does this compare to a traditional conference?
  • How are things run?
  • Beginners, experts, and bears, oh my!

Project Ideas

  • I've got something I want to do, how do I translate that to a project?
  • Project page area is up, add your project to the list! Go to the project list.

Q & A

  • Can you teach us how to integrate ML frameworks such as tensorflow into Slicer? - Daniel Allen
    • Not sure, will reach out to JC for more info.

Project Discussion

  • White matter segmentation algorithm, currently in MATLAB, how best to bring it into Slicer?
  • Brain segmentation recurring theme, recruit?
  • Port augmented reality endoscope VTK application to Slicer extension
  • Tensorflow integration?